Video can be visually engaging and intellectually rigorous.


Feedback receivedWe rarely see such a good audio-visual elaboration of a concept.”
University marketing consultants commenting on the video.

'Inspired by teaching'  and  'Ideas everywhere'

Online documentary video;  video installation for events;  printed DVD.
Funding:  The University of Stirling School of Education

The University of Stirling School of Education is ranked number one in Scotland for its educational research and is one of the leading centres in the UK.  To celebrate forty years of research and teacher education, PublicSpace was commissioned to produce a video exploring what was special about the institute.

In our interviews with staff and students, past and present, we sought answers to the fundamental question of  'What makes a stimulating environment for developing thinking and ideas about education?'.

Staff, students and visitors viewing the video as an installation during an event at the Institute

With good interviews and careful editing, the video offers an interesting and engaging insight into what inspires those who work at the School of Education and study there.  (The resulting video is a world away from the dull and predictable talking-head videos seen on so many university websites!)

The video was produced in 2 versions, for 3 different uses:

  • The 17-minute video 'Ideas everywhere' is designed as an installation to be played on a loop as a backdrop during events held in the School of Education.  The first public showing was at the 40th anniversary celebrations in June 2008.   As an installation, video has to engage the passing viewer, and make sense if the viewer joins at any time.
  • Copies of the DVD were sent to several thousand past students as a memento of the 40 years, and to remind them of the School of Education as a centre for continuing their professional development (CPD).   As a DVD, the video has to engage and hold the viewer in a developing account.
  • The shorter 6-minute online version (above) is called 'Inspired by teaching' and is intended to engage prospective student-teachers.  It is on the 'About us' page of The University of Stirling School of Education website.

'Ideas everywhere' was filmed over five days in the School of Education and at the interviewees' current places of work in Stirling, Glasgow and Edinburgh.  It includes university archive material and observations of life in the School of Education.

Ideas Everywhere - DVD Cover