Video can transform the dissemination of research, by engaging people with the issues, the findings and their practical significance.

About research on video

Our priority is to explain your research in a way that is accurate, visually engaging, policy-relevant and accessible to the viewer.

The illusion of good video is that it involved just pointing the camera at interesting people and events.  Yet just pointing the camera is why research on video is usually so dull and unwatchable.  There are too many university examples online.

At the other end of the spectrum, an increasing number of research projects have glitzy corporate-style videos that actually offer the viewer little or no conceptual understanding of the research or its significance.

To regard the video-making as somehow separate from understanding research is like assuming a word processing expert can write your journal article; the result will not usefully explain your research.

Creating documentary video of research requires informed interview questions and understanding the significance of responses.  It involves identifying the core argument from the research, and then framing it and articulating it concisely in the language of the intended audience.  It involves recognising good illustrative examples, articulating the caveats and anticipating the critiques.  It requires images that can explain and lead what is said, and vice versa.  It is a process of structuring and weaving together the perspectives from several interviews.

We believe PublicSpace is unique.  Through experience, training and collaboration, we bring an understanding of research and a university ethos into the detailed processes of video production.

  • Researchers, potential users and other stakeholders recognise that we are helping them to communicate their perspective on the research and its significance.
  • Each video is compiled and tightly edited after witnessing the interviews and discussing the core issues and messages with you.
  • Cinematography and vital aspects of production are by a small team who survive on the innovative and professional quality of their daily work in film and broadcast TV.


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  • We use professional video and audio technology throughout the process of filming and editing.
  • We produce drafts of a video for your review.  Before the final version we suggest you to trial it and listen to the responses.


If you would like to communicate your research through video, whether it is an interview, a simple presentation or a complex documentary, then contact us.

For examples of documentaries, interviews and presentations on video, see our Video Portfolio.