Research on video can be visually engaging and intellectually rigorous.

Video production for research impact

Video plays a vital role in inspiring interest and generating wider understanding of research and innovation.

It can offer a concise, visual and memorable understanding of the significance of your research in practice, and so inspire potential users to think about the issues and find out more.

In recent years PublicSpace has demonstrated that research on video can be both visually engaging and intellectually rigorous.  It can transform the the impact and the value of a project.

Good video enables researchers to:

  • engage directly and personally with a specific audience (and a potentially global online audience) to communicate the motivation for the research and the findings;
  • show the context of the research, show its professional use in practice and show its impacts, including visual detail and relevant examples;
Showing the use of the research in practice
  • include the voices and complementary perspectives of researchers, policy-makers, practitioners, citizens and others to identify issues and priorities.

Careful analysis and informed expert editing of interviews is vital if a video is to communicate the key issues and perspectives effectively in minutes.


If you would like to communicate your research through video, whether it is an interview, a a simple presentation or a complex documentary, then contact us.

For examples of documentaries, interviews and presentations on video, see our Video Portfolio.  For further information, see our page About research on video.