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Editing, reviewing & co-writing
articles, reports and web pages

Impact requires articles, reports and webpages to be engaging, accurate and functional for the potential user, so that your research can be understood and used wisely.

Articles, reports and web pages need to offer different levels of information, from brief and engaging introductions, to vital explanations of core concepts, to the detailed resources that potential users will need.

We bring extensive experience in reviewing, editing and co-writing research reports, articles, policy briefings, training resources, surveys and other professional documents.  With the research team, we ensure that documents are accurate, focussed and functional for the intended reader.

We can also carry out a qualitative analysis of responses from potential users and stakeholders in surveys, interviews or expert trials.

For each project, our work is about clarifying and explaining exactly what the research offers for potential users and stakeholders, and keeping these claims grounded in evidence.



in silico methods leaflet

An introductory leaflet on computer-based methods for evaluating chemical toxicity, produced in 4 languages for the ORCHESTRA project.   Written by PublicSpace in collaboration with project partners.  View…  More…

article image

An open access article for regulators, industry practitioners and researchers in toxicology.  Written by the lead partner in the ORCHESTRA project; edited and further developed by PublicSpace after peer review.  View…  More…



Editing, reviewing & co-writing articles, reports and web pages  p2



policy brief

A policy briefing: ‘Towards successful participation in European biodiversity and water governance’; EC-FP6 Governat project.   The Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, UFZ, in Leipzig commissioned PublicSpace to edit and further develop a draft into the final document.   More…

quote_mark I would like to note the quality of the work which I have seen from PublicSpace for the website. It is prompt, clear and thoughtful.”

Jenny Watson, Deputy Chair, UK Committee for Radioactive Waste Mangement.


quote_mark You have transformed this report, and the way we feel about it.  Thank you.”


A technical questionnaire for users of QSAR models in toxicology, and a non-technical policy questionnaire for non-specialists.   Developed in close collaboration with the Istituto Mario Negri in Milan and Symlog in Paris, partners in the ORCHESTRA project.  View…  More…


The UK Public and Stakeholder Consultation Document for the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM, 2005).  Co-researched with CoRWM and written by PublicSpace.  More…


If would like help in reporting your research, and would like the reports to be clear, engaging and rigorously informative, then contact us.



(Note.  We do not offer a separate ‘proof-reading’ service.   In our experience, any editing to increase the clarity of a document inevitably generates detailed questions about the research and about its significance for the intended readers.  We therefore edit documents only as part of the work of disseminating research.)