Facilitating professional discussions and meetings with stakeholder organisations.  Organising a conference booth, research dissemination workshop and networking events.


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Disseminating science and technology research

a practical e-guide for researchers

European Commission policy demands that publicly-funded research contribute more directly to society, the economy or environment. 

So what are the practical implications for EC-funded researchers?

Disseminating science and technology research: a practical e-guide for researchers

  • This guide identifies some of the key challenges, pitfalls and priorities for science and technology researchers.  It argues that dissemination and 'impact' have to be recognised as part of the intellectual work of research.
  • It offers practical guidance and strategies to engage with potential users and other stakeholders, to make research concepts and findings more accessible and useable while maintaining scientific rigour and integrity.
  • It draws on experience from research dissemination projects, including analysis and examples from the 2009-12 EC FP7 ORCHESTRA project.




Challenges    6
Planning / Timing    7
Collaboration    8
Purposeful action    9
Collaboration at a distance    10
Impact and evidence of impact    11

Dissemination actions:

Online surveys    12
Meetings with stakeholder organisations    14
Developing a research dissemination website    16
Writing research reports and peer-reviewed articles    20
Organising a large workshop    22
Facilitating professional discussion    26
Platform presentations and Q&A    28

Other sources of guidance

Bibliographical reference

Pardoe, S. and Mays, C. (2012)  Disseminating science and technology research:  a practical e-guide for researchers.  Produced by PublicSpace.ac.uk in Lancaster and Symlog in Paris.  Initially funded within the EC FP7 ORCHESTRA project (226521).  Version: 2013v.01.  Available at www.researchdissemination.eu/guide

©  Simon Pardoe & Claire Mays 2012.  All rights reserved.

Developing a research dissemination website.  Writing research reports and peer-reviewed articles.



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  in Lancaster.

  Claire Mays
  Programme Manager at
  Institut Symlog de France
  in Paris.


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