Knowledge exchange:
dialogue, interviews and presentations

We believe good dialogue is vital for generating shared understanding between researchers and potential users of the research.

The challenge of 'knowledge exchange' or 'impact' across institutions is that it involves communication between professionals with different interests, concerns, understanding and priorities.  Hence dialogue is essential if the research outputs are to be both useable and used.

Interviews and discussions with potential users can challenge, inform and stimulate thinking about the significance of the research, and about what is needed to make it useable.  These interactions can become a valuable form of peer review.

dialogue in a stakeholder workshop

PublicSpace brings expertise in:

  • interviewing potential users, experts, policy makers and stakeholders, and facilitating discussions, on complex technical, social or ethical issues;
  • analysing and/or video-editing the interviews and discussions to inform the dissemination;
  • ensuring that project outputs address the fundamental questions, concerns and priorities of those who may use the research or influence its use.

Our role as a 'semi-outsider' to the research is often vital in enabling us to ask the basic questions, hear the underlying issues and concerns behind the detail, and work out how to respond.  Our distance from the insider knowledge can also be valuable in helping the research team to explain familiar concepts and findings in accessible ways.

Examples from current and past projects.


Interviewing key policy-makers and stakeholders to explore policy priorities, concerns and issues.  Analysing and reporting the responses to the team.  Providing edited video of the responses.



Knowledge exchange: dialogue, interviews and presentations  p2

Examples from current and past projects (continued).


Interviewing current and potential users of the research, to explore their interest, priorities, concerns and potential uses of the research, and to develop useful case studies.


Discussions with key researchers to develop accessible and engaging explanations of core concepts, explore current limitations, develop illustrative examples and add further expert voices to research outputs.


Facilitating workshop discussions and presenting analysis of issues and concerns raised in interviews to generate understanding across sectors and move the debate forward.

Citizen panel discussions

Consulting public and other stakeholders through interviews and/or focussed discussion groups or citizen panels.  Image: a citizen panel on managing radioactive wastes for UK CoRWM. More…

  • Click on this last image to watch a 2-minute visual report of our engagement at SETAC Europe 2011 Milan.


Organising events with opportunities for potential users to engage in discussion with the research team, to gain hands-on experience and/or to discuss issues previously recorded on video.

If would like support in your engagement with policy-makers, potential users and other stakeholders, contact us.