Advice on research dissemination strategies

Research impact strategies, advice and multi-media support

PublicSpace works in close collaboration with university research teams to distil and communicate the practical significance of their research to generate impact on policy, practice and debate.

  • We provide vital support for research teams in multi-media impact strategies, while retaining the integrity and rigour of the research.
  • With years of experience in university research, we understand the subtleties of research insight and evidence.  We recognise the dangers of just simplifying and promoting research findings to impact beyond academia.
  • We bring professional expertise in video production, document editing, facilitation and analysis.
  • We work across disciplines, adopting the useful role of ‘semi-outsider’ to explain concepts and findings to people outside the research field.  Our approach is underpinned by insights from applied linguistics, business, education and social studies of science.


Impact advice and strategies

Our aim is to make the process of  ‘maximising research impact’ into something that is intellectually rewarding for the research team, and of real value for society, economy and environment.

Rather than just ‘publicity’ or ‘awareness raising’, genuine impact requires your research to be understood and used.  That requires dialogue to work out what is significant for policy and practice, what can be said from the research evidence, and what is needed to make the research useable.

We bring experience to address those questions and to review and develop ideas.  We also help to ensure that the visual evidence and resources necessary to produce an engaging dissemination are generated during the project.

  • Contact us if you would like Dr Simon Pardoe to join your team meeting to discuss particular issues, and/or to give a presentation to your team or section about challenges, priorities and strategies.  Research impact strategies, advice and multi-media support p2

Disseminating Science and Technology Research: a practical e-guide for researchers
 Published Nov. 2012
 updated Jan. 2013

  • If you are involved in an EC FP7 or Horizon 2020 project, read our new 30 page e-guide 'Disseminating Science and Technology Research: a practical e-guide for researchers' (PDF 610Kb).  It is about the challenges, pitfalls and priorities of generating impact from your research.  It includes guidance and strategies to make your research accessible to potential users and others, while maintaining the integrity and scientific rigour that give it value.  It draws on experience from recent projects, including the 2009-12 EC FP7 ORCHESTRA project.  Note: it is oriented primarily to EC-funded science and technology projects, but the issues have wider relevance.
  • We are often asked for advice by phone and we are happy to offer it.  PublicSpace has no core funding, so realistically we need to charge or ask for a donation for those discussions.

Impact strategies – multi-media support

PublicSpace offers expertise in 3 key areas of research dissemination.  Together, they can create a coherent research impact strategy or 'pathway to impact'.

  • ‘Knowledge exchange’.  Dialogue is essential for generating shared understanding between researchers and potential users of the research.  We bring expertise in interviewing potential users, experts and other stakeholders, and in facilitating discussion on complex issues.  We can analyse and/or video-edit these interactions, and work with you to develop presentations and reports which address the concerns and priorities.  More…
  • Video production.  Video can transform the communication and future value of research.  Video interviews, presentations and documentaries can ‘show’ the research, its context and its use.  Video enables direct communication from researchers at a distance, whether online, on DVD or as part of conference presentations.  Over the years we have demonstrated that video can be visually engaging and intellectually rigorous.  More…
  • Reviewing, editing and co-writing. Articles, reports and web pages are a vital part of any dissemination.  With experience in researching, writing, editing and translating research documents and reports, and experience also in business and communication, we help to ensure that key documents are functional, engaging, rigorously accurate and focussed.  More…

print  Pages on this website can be printed as a pdf for consideration by your team.

If would like advice or support in communicating the significance of your research beyond academia, contact us.