Regeneration Games

Documentary video: views of local people on a policy issue.   Funding: none

Note: This 'other project' was produced by Simon Pardoe independently at Documentary Film Group, London.  It is included to illustrate that with good on-site interviews and careful editing, a short video can explain the significance of the public issues around a project.

Can the 2012 London Olympics offer sustainable regeneration?

The site of the London 2012 Olympics has been presented consistently by the UK media and government as an impoverished or empty wasteland prior to the current redevelopment.  For example:

'Only recently, this run down part of east London was derilict and contaminated.'
Channel 4 News, 27 July 2010

With a small amount of investigation, I found a different story locally.  The four interviewees offer constructive criticism of the assumption that the site first had to be cleared.  They offer an alternative vision for Olympic parks in the future.  They also hint at the future dangers for this area after being disconnected from local communities.  The video starts with policy statements from the London 2012 sustainability policy, which contrast with the subsequent interviewee accounts.

Director and editor: Simon Pardoe
Camera: Asra Linkeviciute

Filmed in one day as part of a two-week programme in documentary video at Documentary Film Group, London.