quote_markIt was great to have you both filming at the event.  You were impressive at staying in the background, and somehow the cameras helped the event.  We’ve had great feedback.”
Dr Will Medd
Lancaster Environment Centre

Flood vulnerability and urban resilience

Video of a dissemination event.    Funding:  ESRC, EPSRC, EA, LWEC

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Project: Flood, vulnerability and urban resilience: a real-time study of local recovery following the floods of June 2007 in Hull.  Environment Centre, Lancaster University. Funding: ESRC, EPSRC and the Environment Agency.

Event: ‘After the rain: Learning from the experiences of flood recovery’

This event was highly innovative in combining local people who had been flooded and who had informed the research, with policy makers and emergency planners from central and regional government, and representatives from the insurance industry.  It was being organised by the Lancaster University research team towards the end of the project as a key part of the dissemination of findings.

Our suggestion was that this event was to be both significant and unrepeatable, and it could provide valuable footage of the citizens talking about the issues for a future dissemination through documentary video, and an example of facilitating direct engagement between experienced citizens and national policy makers.

The inevitable concern of the team was that filming might intimidate those talking about their experience of flooding, who were already facing an unfamiliar audience.   However, after being given our usual reassurances, and making personal contact with us, the participants almost ignored the camera.   As is often the case, the filming was later acknowledged as having actually helped the event.  (See comment below-left.)

The event, the filming, and the positive responses of the policy-makers, produced ideas for further research and dissemination work.   PublicSpace have collaborated with Lancaster University in the detailed funding proposals.

Further information:  The project is a response to the events of June 2007 in Hull which dramatically exposed the vulnerability of urban communities in the face of major flood events.   While the initial impact in Yorkshire, Humberside and Worcestershire was documented by the media, the extended process of physical, social and personal recovery from the flood experience will be lost from the headlines as local people, key agencies and government departments seek to re-establish the social and physical fabric of affected local communities. 
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