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Environmental Citizenship

Policy briefing.    Funding:  ESRC, Open University, Newcastle University

Booklet 'Environmental Citizenship: the Goodenough primer'

Website (no longer maintained, but archived here)

Environmental Citizenship bookletThis booklet and website were written and designed to disseminate the insights from an ESRC-funded seminar series which explored the relationship between citizenship and environment.  The seminar series was jointly organised by the Open University and University of Newcastle.  Part of the original ESRC funding was set aside for dissemination and some additional funding obtained.

The intended audience was policy-makers, academic researchers, organisations, teachers and citizens who are involved in issues of environment, sustainability and citizenship.

PublicSpace Director, Dr Sherilyn MacGregor attended seminars, and the subsequent reporting was based on notes taken by her and by the organisers, Professor Andrew Dobson and Dr Derek Bell.

The booklet is intended to offer an overview of insights from the seminar series in the form of a stimulating introduction to issues around environmental citizenship.  In keeping with the content, it is printed on recycled paper with low environmental impact inks.  It is available free from the Open University.

The website offers an information base, with the booklet included both as web pages and as a pdf download, plus a bibliography, research papers from the seminar, links to relevant policy documents, and a text search facility.