Reducing Energy Consumption through Community Knowledge Networks

Video interventions; video dissemination.    Funding:  ESRC, EPSRC

energy collage

RECCKN is one of seven interdisciplinary projects funded by the ESRC and EPSRC under their Energy and Communities collaborative venture.  The project ran to July 2013.

PublicSpace has been contracted to work with the research team on a community interventions during the project, and on dissemination of the research findings to engage publics and inform policy.

  • Watch and read about our new video Energy saving: it's a social thing.  Based on interviews with the public participants in the project, it aims to inspire communities to share practical experience on how to reduce energy bills.
  • Watch and read about our new video Engaging communities on energy efficiency, based on interviews with the research team.
  • You may also like to watch this video record of the public Energy Question Time, organised within the RECCKN project, offering ideas and shared experience on reducing energy bills.

The team:

Andrew Dobson, Professor of Politics and Principal Investigator.
Mark Ormerod, Professor of Clean Technology within the Institute for the Environment, Physical Sciences and Applied Mathematics.
Dr. Zoe Robinson, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Science.
Dr. Sherilyn MacGregor, Senior Lecturer in Politics.
Dr. Philip Catney, Senior Lecturer in Politics.
Simon Ross, Project Manager at Marches Energy Agency.
Dr. Neil Simcock, Research Associate in energy and communities.

University of Keele, Marches Energy Agency, EPSRC, ESRC.