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Participation in biodiversity and water governance

Policy briefing.    Funding:  EC-FP6 (Governat)


An important output from the EC-FP6 GoverNat project is a policy brief, oriented towards national and regional water or nature administrations, NGOs and other organisations who are now having to use and organise participatory processes.

The Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ in Leipzig contacted PublicSpace to work on this dissemination document partly because of our direct experience in public participation processes.


The brief was to develop and rework the existing drafts and notes to produce a text that was ‘framed appropriately’ for a policy rather than academic reader.

Our focus was therefore on enabling the policy reader to recognise the significance of the findings and see their implications in practice.

It involved reworking the structure to orientate it to policy and action, elaborating the text to make it informative and directly relevant to policy and practice, and ensuring that the examples and main text worked together effectively to identify and illustrate the findings.

The final text was put into a document designed by the project.  It is now available on the GoverNat project home page.

Further information: GoverNat: Multi-level Governance of Natural Resources: Tools and Processes for Water and Biodiversity Governance in Europe is an EC-FP6 funded project, focussing on research and training in all aspects of multi-level environmental governance.