Ethical research dissemination

Ethical research dissemination: our policy

Our priority is to maintain the intellectual rigour, ethos and integrity of the publicly-funded research we communicate.

We choose to work on projects where the dissemination of the research may have a positive impact on society, the economy and/or the environment.  We choose not to work on projects which in our view will mislead the public or undermine social justice or environmental protection.

The final outputs we have produced from all past projects are publicly available.  We prefer this to be the case unless there is good reason to the contrary.

We work with, rather than for, the research team.  This is because we are involved in the dissemination of insight and development of understanding, not simple promotion.  We cannot communicate research if the value for potential users remains unclear, or if the research claims do not withstand their questions and scrutiny.  It is therefore important for us that the research team do not see communicating research as merely transfering knowledge to passive recipients, but are instead keen to engage in dialogue with us, engage respectfully in dialogue with policy-makers and practitioners, and address the challenges of clarifying the research and reviewing assumptions.

We aim to pursue environmentally sustainable working practices, including sourcing our electricity solely from renewable sources.  We select our service providers such as telephone and banking on the basis of their ethical and environmental policies and their support for the not-for-profit sector.  Our daily work and communication by email and phone minimises our carbon footprint, so travel costs and impacts are incurred only for project meetings, workshops, interviews and filming.